If you’re interested in my physics publications, you want my cv. This page is for the topics I deal with on this site. No, this isn’t everything, and it’s not even everything I’ve done recently. It’s also organized more by topic than date.


Why Should We Ban Autonomous Weapons? To Survive.
Or, at least why I think so. IEEE Spectrum Online, 1 June 2016

My comments on autonomous weapons and the resurgent strategic arms race, as rendered by China’s The Paper., 4 March 2016

My comments on hypersonic missiles and a test ban, as rendered by China’s The Paper., 11 Aug 2015

Test ban for hypersonic missiles?
A “roundtable” debate with Indian rocketeer Rajaram Nagappa and Chinese analyst Tong Zhao.
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Online, 24 June 2015 – July 2015

Semi-autonomous and on their own: Killer robots in Plato’s Cave
What’s wrong with the notion of “semi-autonomous weapons.”
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Online, 12 April 2015

Blogging the UN Killer Robots Meeting
A series I did over at Futurisms, 11-17 April 2015.

The argument for a hypersonic missile testing ban
Do you know why I pulled you over? Do you know where you’re going?
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Online, 2 Sept. 2014

Stopping killer robots
Overview of why a ban on autonomous weapons is needed, and how it can be achieved.
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 2014 70: 32

US killer robot policy: Full speed ahead
The Pentagon’s Nov. 2012 Directive on Autonomy in Weapon Systems was no moratorium. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Online, 20 Sep 2013

Compliance Measures for an Autonomous Weapons Convention
Outlines the possible structure of compliance measures for a global treaty to ban autonomous weapons. With Juergen Altmann. ICRAC working paper, April 2013.

The Principle of Humanity in Conflict
We should declare a set of principles as the basis for banning autonomous weapons: Human Control, Responsibility, Dignity, Sovereignty, and the inter-human nature of conflict.
ICRAC, 19 Nov 2012

Anticipating Military Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology weapons and arms control, space and autonomous weapons bans – “a human should be the decision maker when a target is to be attacked.” With Juergen Altmann.
IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, 23 (4), 33–40, Winter 2004

Risks from military uses of nanotechnology
Nanotechnology weapons and arms control proposals, including ban on space weapons and “prohibition of autonomous killer robots.” With Juergen Altmann, in M. Roco, R. Tomellini (eds.), Nanotechnology: Revolutionary Opportunities and Societal Implications 23 Luxembourg: European Communities, 2002

Chinese and US Kinetic Energy Space Weapons and Arms Control
Discusses the significance of Chinese and US ASAT tests, the equivalence of ASAT and BMD weapons, and the logic of a test ban. Asian Perspective 35 (2011), 617–641.


Autonomous Weapons: Information Technology and the Arms Race
A talk given at University of North Carolina, 7 April 2015 (video). .

Autonomous Weapons and the New Global Arms Race
A talk given at the Atlanta Friends Meeting, 27 Oct. 2014 (video). .

Webinar on autonomous weapons and the Geneva CCW meeting
An online presentation (slides + audio) sponsored by the Union of Concerned Scientists, with commentary by Frank Sauer, 29 May 2014.

Oxford Future of Humanity Institute
On arms races, autonomous weapons and principles of humanity 17 July 2014.

Presentation to UN on autonomous weapons
A presentation given to the United Nations Secretary General’s Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters; NYC, 6 Mar 2014.

Other Blogs

Open letter to Michael Krepon
Krepon was the original author of what is now known as the International Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities. Although he is not responsible for the content of the 2013 EU Draft for the Code, he expresses his support for it in this post on his blog. See my reply in comments.
Armscontrolwonk, 11 Nov 2013.

Why Transhumanism Won’t Work
The notion that human souls (the right word for the concept) can be “uploaded” to computers is ontological nonsense, and encapsulates the notion that humanity can be “transformed” to technology while preserving its “essence.” Futurisms, 10 Jun 2010

Review of “Transcendence” (the movie)
Interesting ideas, muddled movie. Futurisms, 10 Jun 2010